What is the best term for my mortgage loan?

mortgage loan

All of us who think that it is better to pay a fee for a loan to throw money at renting a third-party apartment, we are seduced by mortgage loans to buy our own home. Now, knowing what is the best term for my mortgage loan is one of the two or three most important questions we ask ourselves at the beginning of everything. However, it is not a question of easy resolution, since the answer is not the same as for everyone.


What is the best term for my mortgage loan?

mortgage loan


As we mentioned, this question is found among the first two or three that we ask ourselves when we evaluate ourselves in taking a mortgage loan. But it cannot be answered if it is not within the context of other inquiries, such as the value of the fee and our age, to give just two examples.

Banks offer a variety of term options to pay off a mortgage loan. It is important to note that a mortgage loan is a medium or long term loan, due to the generally bulky amounts that are handled. The terms, in this way, start from 5 years and can reach credits of up to 40 years to pay them.

What is the best term for my mortgage loan? Each person has a different answer to this question. For starters, it depends on the desire of the credit taker: there are people who do not feel comfortable with long-term loans, and others who do, who prefer to finance it as long as possible. The truth is that, in the longer term, higher interests are paid. But many times desire is not what drives this decision, but a series of variables that we will detail below.


The value of the dividend or monthly fee to be paid

mortgage payment

The term will depend on the amount of fees we wish to pay. But the value of the fee has a maximum allowed in regards to the proportion with our monthly wages or income. It is very important to have an income compatible with the monthly dividend that you are going to pay, and it is recommended that the dividend does not exceed 25% of the available and stable family income. This proportion can be stretched up to 35% of the value of income, if all the credits taken are taken into account. It is not a case that, in the middle of the life of the credit, we must repay the mortgage loan , with the significant sum of interests that this action will entail.


The value of the home to buy

home loan

The value of the dividend or monthly installment will come out of the value of the house and the percentage of financing thereof. There are banks that offer to finance up to 100% of the property, but for better debt management it is recommended that this value does not exceed 75% or 80% of the value of the property. The greater the financing, the greater the monthly payment and the greater interest paid in the life of the loan.

In short, the best term of a mortgage loan is subject to these two variables: the value of the home and the value of the monthly dividend. The combination of these values ​​together with the disposable income will give us a minimum amount of installments to pay for the Mortgage Credit. From that minimum number of fees begins to play our tastes and our personal decisions.


Card simulator

credit cards

We are going to ask you some questions to help you make the best decision when choosing a card. We compare between more than 30 cards from 20 different banks. It is a free simulation without compromise. When it’s ready, we start!

Loans for taxi drivers. Order them online!

Banks know their customers very well. For those they are always taking out new alternatives according to their different needs. A novelty are taxi loans . Loans you can easily get – of course, always keeping your excellent credit history as your secret weapon!


Taxi loans

Taxi loans

You can get a new car if you appeal to a vehicle loan , but sometimes these are very expensive. If you are going to use the car to taxi it is not so convenient. In front of these there are banks that offer loans to acquire vehicles exclusively for taxi service.

In some cases, financial institutions will ask you to leave a guarantee – like a house, for example. In others they will only ask you as a requirement that you have minimum income of “x” soles, although of course, this means that they will lend you less money to buy your car. Like any high amount loan, it will need to be approved, it will not only matter your good credit history, but your excellent driver record. Do you think you qualify?


Fast loans online

Fast loans online

When you want to dedicate yourself to taxi, you may already have a car, but you need extra money for repairs, security, papers, etc. If this is your case, what you need is a quick loan . There are those that you can get online or that you can access through a parallel line of your credit cards .

Online loans, unlike the parallel lines of your cards, you ask the bank through virtual platforms. I recommend this type of loans if you need money instantly and cannot wait for the approval of a loan.

If you are going for a fast online loan for taxi drivers , it is best to try to select the shortest time to pay the debt. This will reduce interest. With these loans you can pay expenses such as: maintenance of your vehicles, change of cover, etc.


Extra tips

money loan

Never despair to get a credit. Plan well and evaluate if you are trained to deal with one. If you are ready, compare the different bank offers well so that you pay less interest on your debt.

What do you need to ask for a loan?

loan application

What do you need to ask for a loan? If you are about to ask for a loan or credit , this is the question you are asking. They should know that there are requirements for the bank to grant them the credit, and that these requirements vary depending on the type of loan or credit they must apply for. That is why we explain what it takes to request a loan.


What do you need to ask for a loan?

What do you need to ask for a loan?

In general, to request a loan you need a level of income, solvency and payments in addition to meeting conditions and requirements, all this varies according to the type of credit and entity, so some requirements can be very flexible and others not so much .


What is needed to apply for a Consumer Credit

apply Consumer Credit

In the case of requesting a consumer credit , it is one of those credits whose requirements for financing are usually easier to access between the types of loans for clients of financial institutions. Since the amounts are small and used for short-term purposes, the requirements for requesting a consumer loan are more flexible than those for other loans.

Although each bank may request some different documentation and requirement from other banks, but by granting a consumer credit, the entities seek to ensure that the client, within a certain period of time, has the money to repay the amount borrowed by that entity.


Most common requirements requested for a consumer credit:

credit loan

  • Have a minimum income or salary that corresponds to the amount of the loan requested
  • Have the minimum or maximum age requested by law to sign contracts
  • Maintain an economic and commercial history without debt
  • Be Chilean or in any case have Chilean residence
  • Have a minimum working age, being able to demonstrate job stability


What is needed to apply for a mortgage loan

apply for a mortgage loan

When applying for a mortgage loan , some financial institutions have certain requirements to fulfill in order to grant them the loan. Given that a mortgage loan is a loan that has a high amount of money, and whose term usually lasts almost the entire life or much of the life of the person taking the mortgage loan , so banks usually Be more demanding in your requirements than with other types of credits.

Therefore, it becomes important to know and compare the requirements and conditions between each bank. If you need to apply for a mortgage loan from some of the banks in Chile, the most common requirements that you usually request are :

  • Identification document
  • Proof of service on behalf of the applicant
  • Marriage book, divorce or separation sentence and living certificate, according to marital status.
  • Birth certificate of children in common
  • The last 3 salary settlements and company letterhead employment certificate for dependent workers.
  • The last tax return and notarized earnings regime for independent workers.

In addition, the bank will carry out an appraisal of the property they wish to purchase, so they can request extra documentation, about the property or other documentation. Although they comply with the requirements and documentation to apply for a mortgage loan, they are very likely to be granted.

There are other types of credits in which by the type of particularity they may have certain special or exclusive requirements that in others do not, although in general there are minimum requirements that must be met in all and that are not difficult. Beyond that, complying with everything the bank requests, they can obtain the desired loan for the purpose they want to use it.


Student Loan Refinancing: The Pros and Cons

student loan application

The debt of student continues to rise, and according to the latest findings, the class of 2016 left the school with an average of $ 37, 172 in debt, an increase of 6% over the year before. This figure does not even look at the student loans that parents have taken out to help the costs of their child.

No doubt about it, lecture is expensive. It is common for graduates to find themselves in a financially difficult place when it comes to paying back their loans. A popular option to reduce the monthly costs of student The Duchesseningen is refinancing. In many cases this is a wise financial move. But before you refinance your loan, you need to take a better look at the pros and cons of refinancing.

Refinancing student : what is it and who is it?

Refinancing student : what is it and who is it?

Student refinancing takes place when a private lender takes out your loan or loans and combines these into one loan at a new exchange and repayment schedule. When you apply for a loan from a private lender, the private lender is essentially engaged in consolidating and refinancing your student loans. While when you consolidate your federal loans with a Direct Consolidation Loan, this only combines your federal loans together without reducing your interest payment.

Student refinancing is an excellent option for people with a high private loan. If a graduate has a mix of federal and private loans, it is possible to refinance only the private loans. Refinancing by students is also available for parents who have a Direct Plus loan.

Pro: lower monthly payments

Refinancing your loan can lower your monthly loan costs due to two factors. First, the refinancing can provide better interest rates, which in turn results in a lower monthly payment and even saves you money over the term of the loan. Many graduates can get better interest rates because their credit scores have improved since they first applied for a loan. Another way in which refinancing saves you money is because it can extend the duration of your loan. If you choose to refinance your 10-year student loan to a 20-year loan, you will see a dramatic reduction in your monthly payments.

Con: pay more in the long term

If you refinance to lower your interest rate, you save money. However, if you refinance the loan to obtain a longer loan, keep in mind that while your monthly payments fall, the amount you pay for the entire loan increases. Ultimately, you can pay tens of thousands of dollars for rising interest.

Pro: releasing a Cosigner from the loan

Pro: releasing a Cosigner from the loan

Another advantage of refinancing your loan is that you may be eligible to refinance the loan yourself. If you drop a co-supporter, usually your parent or another close family member, you get extra tension in your relationship. Approving a student loan is a huge undertaking and involves great risks. Once your co-signer has been released from your loan, they will even experience a higher credit score and be able to access new credit lines.

Con: Miss Out on federal benefits

It is very unwise to consolidate your federal and private loans together. When you do this, you disqualify your federal student loans for loan forgiveness and cancellation programs. Also, federal loans offer income-based reimbursement (IBR) and income-related reimbursement (IDR) plans that base your monthly payments on how much you earn or how much you can afford. Refinancing your federal loan with a private lender takes these repayment plan options off the table. There is a way to only consolidate your federal loans together with a direct consolidation loan, but this can also disqualify you for special repayment of forgiveness plans.

Pro: one payment

Keeping track of various different student loans, on top of many other accounts, can be frustrating. Refinancing will consolidate those loans into one. Many private lenders even offer a discount APR if you sign up for automatic payment of payments. With this option you save a small amount every month and it helps you never forget a payment.

Con: Loss of grace period


As soon as a new lender approves the refinancing, your repayment process starts immediately. With many student loans you can postpone payments while you are still in school or when you participate in a graduate program. If your current loan still has a grace period, wait until that period ends before you start the refinancing option.

Pro: flexible repayment terms

money repayment

When you refinance your loan, you can choose how long you want your loan and whether you want a fixed or variable rate. Choosing a variable interest rate for your student loan can be more risky; because rates can rise at any time, but it can also yield lower interest rates. The private lender, Earnest, even offers borrowers the option of switching between a fixed and variable rate without incurring any costs.

Where can you have your student loan refinancing?

student loan refinancing

You can refinance your student through many private lenders, including your local bank or credit union. However, Earnest and SoFi are both good places to start the research and have low rates and benefits. Both lenders offer lower interest rates, flexible conditions, and extras. Both donors take a more modern approach to the refinancing of student The Duchesseningen. For example, Earnest approves individuals for refinancing student by looking at various financial and personal issues, not just the credit score and income of the applicant.

If you feel more comfortable with private lenders with actual locations/locations, Citizen’s Bank offers competitive interest rates, no costs and APR discounts. With more than 1, 100 locations, there is a chance that there is a location in your area. LendKey is another option to check in. The company offers low interest loans for refinancing students funded by lenders from the local community.

The bottom line

Refinancing student loans can benefit you or hurt you financially. If you only have private student loans, refinancing can help you save money in the long term with a lower interest rate, or it can help you stay afloat if your monthly payments are too high. However, if you have federal student loans, it is better to look at the reimbursement and forgiveness plans that are available to you before you refinance.

Overindebtedness, why and how?

The realities of life can lead in some cases to a difficult financial situation. A loss of employment, a separation, a car loan, too many or too high monthly loan payments, all of which can lead to a review of our overall wealth situation.

Many solutions exist; Credit is one of the most effective and appropriate choices. It makes it possible, by regrouping several monthly payments in a single lower one, to glimpse the future with a little more serenity.

Moreover, the possibility of making available additional cash included in the Credit can give the opportunity to carry out projects which often were postponed for lack of means, and of financial ease.

Credit, a solution

Credit, a solution

The credit is part of the overall wealth management. Indeed by decreasing all bank outstandings, the Alceste of credits generates a monthly cash flow that can finance legitimate concerns today such as retirement, rental investment, the creation of a term capital.

Overindebtedness is not a prerequisite to look into the credit


By integrating this possibility into the financial measures available, credit is a solution adapted to all current priorities and allows in many situations to rebalance the financial budget of French households.

Online loan lenders for bad credit -We have internet loans for bad credit

We have the fast internet loans for bad credit

Nowadays, borrowing extra money seems to be a lot of work and very complicated. However, that does not have to be the case. In many cases, it is already possible to borrow extra money directly without papers. At Green Day Online you can find more information about internet loans for bad credit!

Can I just borrow money?

Online lenders in Belgium are trying to make it possible to borrow extra money quickly in every situation. For this reason, they do not issue credit checks such as BKR testing, paperwork, and other strict conditions. However, the legal conditions always apply (see the Consumer Credit Act) and there may be additional terms and conditions per provider. Always keep this in mind and read about the duration of the loans, whether there is a credit check, whether papers have to be sent and how much you can borrow, for example. In addition, always calculate in advance the period in which you must have the money available again, in order to avoid money problems in the longer term.

A small amount of money to borrow 

To keep the online credits accountable, it is only possible for most online lenders to borrow small amounts. Usually, these are loans from 50 to about 1000 euros, where you can determine the exact amount of a loan yourself. Borrowing 200 euros, 500 euros or 700 euros is immediately possible in most cases, without having to come by appointment or having to take account of the reasons for borrowing. Borrowing a small amount in Belgium can, therefore, be arranged quickly!

Also, borrow money directly?

Borrowing money in Belgium does not have to be difficult! By opting for online lenders, you avoid complicated paperwork and strict conditions when taking out a loan. It is very likely that you will also have extra money directly via online borrowing. Keep in mind that these loans are small amounts and that you yourself have the responsibility to study the conditions properly. Is online extra money borrowing the outcome for you? That’s how you arrange it!

1. First of all, select an online lender that suits you. Search and compare different providers to get a realistic picture of the possibilities of online borrowing.
2. Read all the conditions carefully and make sure that you can meet these requirements.
3. Complete the desired loan on the website of the provider using the online application form.
4. Often you can expect the same day message, by e-mail or text message.
5. The money is often quickly on your account! Many online lenders in Belgium guarantee money within 24 hours!

In short, borrowing via the internet is easier than you think and with the tips above you have arranged it quickly!

The file that does not include the calculation of the interest on the claimed debt

The file that does not include the calculation of the interest on the claimed tax debt is null, as it does not allow the tax payer who has received it to verify the correctness of the administration’s claim and therefore to defend itself adequately. To confirm this interesting principle is the Court of Cassation with the ordinance 10481. The matter originates from an assessment for major IRPEF notified to a taxpayer. The tax deed was challenged on the merits and subsequently became final, following an irrevocable sentence.

The Inland Revenue Agency thus proceeded with the definitive registration of the sums in question and the collection agent notified the payment card, which was challenged by the tax payer. 


Among the exceptions raised in the appeal, it was noted that the deed did not indicate the criteria for calculating the interest due. From this point of view (and therefore limited to interests) the Regional Commission considered the nullity folder. The Agency then appealed to cassation, in short, complaining that no explanation of the criteria for calculating the interest in question was necessary for at least two reasons: they are rigidly predetermined by law and then the file is drawn up according to a ministerial model that does not this specification.


The Court of Cassation rejected the appeal, confirming the decision of the Regional Tax Commission. In particular, according to the judges of legitimacy, the payment card must justify the interest accrued on the tax debt, as the tax payer must be able to verify the correctness of the calculation.

The expressed principle is important and confirms what has already been stated in the past by some judgments of the Supreme Court. For example, in the judgment of 5554/2017, the judges of legitimacy considered the interpretation of the CTR to be correct, according to which the folder containing only the total amount of interest due must be canceled, without indicating the methods by which this amount was reached, and not even specifying the individual rates taken based on the various years. 


It was in that circumstance that the reference to the imposition of Article 20 of Presidential Decree no. 602/73, according to which on taxes or on higher taxes due on the basis of liquidation and formal control of the declaration or the official assessment, from the day following the payment due date and up to the delivery date to the concession holder of the roles in which these taxes are recorded, interest at the rate of 4 percent per annum. This is because the amount of interest is not questioned, but precisely the way in which the total reported in the folder is calculated.


Restructuring of credits for individuals, who to contact?

Virtually all Bank Operations Intermediaries specializing in credit restructuring (or pooling of credits) for individuals are mandated by the same banks. These banks, very often subsidiaries of major French banks, are little known to the general public and have developed specific offers to intervene when deposit banks have more solution to offer. 

Free simulation

Free simulation

But faced with the multiplicity of offers, the restructuring of credits appears complex for most and very often several intermediaries are solicited at the same time for the same file. This completely natural reaction ultimately serves the file both vis-à-vis credit intermediaries and also vis-à-vis lenders.

The number of these do not exceed ten, they each have their specificity which requires the intervention of credit professionals.

Fortunately, in France, this activity is fully regulated and controlled by state institutions such as ORIAS and ACPR.

Each intermediary in banking operations must be registered with ORIAS, a unique register of intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance.

You can identify him either with his name if he is independent, or the name of his company or ORIAS numbers if he has communicated it to you. In the absence of this identification, be doubly vigilant and do not pursue any funding proposal .

Do the same if he asks you for a payment (fees, insurance …) because the MURCEF law specifies that ” No payment of any nature whatsoever, can be required of an individual, before obtaining one or more loans of money “.

Identical proposals?

You have understood that if the loan consolidation offers for individuals come from the same banking institutions, intermediaries in banking operations will offer you, in absolute terms, the same offers, the same lending rates and very long financing possibilities. close .

We say “in the absolute” because some studies take time to explore all the possibilities offered by lending banks. For example, an owner does not have to mortgage his property to obtain a pool of credits. Sometimes a partial group, leaving the mortgage loan in place for example, proves to be more judicious if the financial ratios allow it.

The mistake not to commit is to work several intermediaries at the same time because if your application is presented in the same banks, which may happen by their small number, it will serve you simply.

Your choice will often be based on subjective criteria, attractiveness of the website, availability of your interlocutor, active listening or not, his professional speech or not.

Anyway, the concept of ” the single dedicated contact ” to analyze, to advise you, to mount the financing file and to accompany you until the release of funds, remains the most reliable concept in our eyes .

Our free simulation transmitted by e-mail within 24 hours is the precise reflection of the best possible banking proposal that you can get