Overindebtedness, why and how?

The realities of life can lead in some cases to a difficult financial situation. A loss of employment, a separation, a car loan, too many or too high monthly loan payments, all of which can lead to a review of our overall wealth situation.

Many solutions exist; Credit is one of the most effective and appropriate choices. It makes it possible, by regrouping several monthly payments in a single lower one, to glimpse the future with a little more serenity.

Moreover, the possibility of making available additional cash included in the Credit can give the opportunity to carry out projects which often were postponed for lack of means, and of financial ease.

Credit, a solution

Credit, a solution

The credit is part of the overall wealth management. Indeed by decreasing all bank outstandings, the Alceste of credits generates a monthly cash flow that can finance legitimate concerns today such as retirement, rental investment, the creation of a term capital.

Overindebtedness is not a prerequisite to look into the credit


By integrating this possibility into the financial measures available, credit is a solution adapted to all current priorities and allows in many situations to rebalance the financial budget of French households.