Restructuring of credits for individuals, who to contact?

Virtually all Bank Operations Intermediaries specializing in credit restructuring (or pooling of credits) for individuals are mandated by the same banks. These banks, very often subsidiaries of major French banks, are little known to the general public and have developed specific offers to intervene when deposit banks have more solution to offer. 

Free simulation

Free simulation

But faced with the multiplicity of offers, the restructuring of credits appears complex for most and very often several intermediaries are solicited at the same time for the same file. This completely natural reaction ultimately serves the file both vis-à-vis credit intermediaries and also vis-à-vis lenders.

The number of these do not exceed ten, they each have their specificity which requires the intervention of credit professionals.

Fortunately, in France, this activity is fully regulated and controlled by state institutions such as ORIAS and ACPR.

Each intermediary in banking operations must be registered with ORIAS, a unique register of intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance.

You can identify him either with his name if he is independent, or the name of his company or ORIAS numbers if he has communicated it to you. In the absence of this identification, be doubly vigilant and do not pursue any funding proposal .

Do the same if he asks you for a payment (fees, insurance …) because the MURCEF law specifies that ” No payment of any nature whatsoever, can be required of an individual, before obtaining one or more loans of money “.

Identical proposals?

You have understood that if the loan consolidation offers for individuals come from the same banking institutions, intermediaries in banking operations will offer you, in absolute terms, the same offers, the same lending rates and very long financing possibilities. close .

We say “in the absolute” because some studies take time to explore all the possibilities offered by lending banks. For example, an owner does not have to mortgage his property to obtain a pool of credits. Sometimes a partial group, leaving the mortgage loan in place for example, proves to be more judicious if the financial ratios allow it.

The mistake not to commit is to work several intermediaries at the same time because if your application is presented in the same banks, which may happen by their small number, it will serve you simply.

Your choice will often be based on subjective criteria, attractiveness of the website, availability of your interlocutor, active listening or not, his professional speech or not.

Anyway, the concept of ” the single dedicated contact ” to analyze, to advise you, to mount the financing file and to accompany you until the release of funds, remains the most reliable concept in our eyes .

Our free simulation transmitted by e-mail within 24 hours is the precise reflection of the best possible banking proposal that you can get